Sinter Laser

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Sintering; it is given to various materials or pieces to strengthen their strength with some heat treatment. It is applied on the layer formed by pressing the powdered raw material. It is intended to fuse the layer with heat treatment. In this process, the use of electron beam or laser is called "laser sintering" or "sinter laser".

It is used effectively in dental CAD / CAM systems.

Before the laser sintering process for prosthesis construction, the prosthesis should be prepared by the method of waxing and modeling. In this process, casting and leveling works are automatized. Once the appropriate model is obtained, the sinter laser system is integrated with the 3D scanners. After precise scanning of the patient's teeth, the 3D model is transferred to the computer. The proper and proper position of the teeth is calculated by 3D modeling in digital environment using CAD / CAM software.

High-tech laser sintering machines are used for manufacturing dental prostheses from various alloys and raw materials, from ceramic to precious metals.

SLS and SLM technologies are integrated with CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems.