3D Printer

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3D Printer is a machine that transforms 3D computer data into solid objects that you can hold with your hands. This technology is capable of producing geometries that conventional manufacturing methods can not be realized.


1- Modeling: The product to be produced is created with 3D design programs (CAD) or 3D scanning systems. Generated model is usually converted to STL file format and passed to 3D printing process.

2-3D Printing: In 3d printing process, objects are layered on top of each other. In today's technology, these layers can be realized by different methods such as plastic melting, laser sintering, sterolitography. The machine is divided into layers with model slicing software prepared in the STL file to follow the tool path in the order of these layers.

3-Surface Optimization: Objects that are realized with 3D printers can be more inferior in terms of dimensional compared with traditional technologies. For this reason, frost surface cleaning, remediation and final sizing can be applied to critical objects.

3D Printer is able to address a wide range of technologies by using many different materials and method combinations. Using metal powders and the SLS method, airplane pieces, custom-made implants can be produced. On the other hand, casting model prototypes, plastic toys and many other plastic objects can be produced using FDM and plastic materials.